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Form for Enter Turkey

Firstly, Turkey has recently implemented a new health declaration application form to curb the spread of COVID-19. All people intending to travel to Turkey, are mandated to fill out the Form for Enter Turkey. In other words this will give them access to enter the country.

After that, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, various governments globally have enforced similar health certifications. The contact information and travel particulars supplied can be utilized to better track visitors from overseas and lower the incidence of infection.

Most importantly, once travelers have submitted their details via the online Entry Form portal,  they will obtain a unique reference number and barcode which must be presented on arrival.

Apply for Travel Health Certificate

Who Needs to Complete the Entrance Form for Turkey?

Above all, as a measure to curb the spread of coronavirus, Turkey has imposed travel restrictions, and all visitors from foreign countries must fill and submit the Entrance Form for Enter Turkey.

Above all, to avoid any delays at the immigration checkpoint; travelers are advised to complete and submit the health certificate electronically before their departure. In addition, those who arrive at the entry point without having previously filled out the form will be required to complete it electronically before they can cross the border.

Form for Entry to Turkey

Information Required to Apply for the Entrance Form

In conclusion to successfully complete the Entrance Form for Entry to Turkey, travelers must provide basic personal data, contact details, and travel information, including:


Personal Data

Full name, age, and nationality


Contact Details

Email address and mobile telephone number


Travel Information

Date of arrival and departure

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